So this is “finished”… I cheated on the background, but they ain’t really my thang. I’d love to add her ship, but I think I want to move on to something new.
Walter? (You ask)?”
Not yet (I answer…)
Sorry, WtW takes a lot more dedication than I can give right now. Between my kids, my day job and that MASSIVE project my “free time” is literally less than ZERO. I am in time-debt now. Since I NEED to draw to stay sane, I have a few more passion projects like this one, that I will keep sharing here, but until I catch a break on moving “the project” forward, I just cannot say when the Wicked One will return.

I’ll make this much clear, though: Walter the Wicked WILL come back. I just cannot say when. As soon as I CAN commit the time he needs, I will.